Hawkins/Futura Cookware

Idli Stands

The Hawkins Idli Stands have been designed for the Hawkins 3 litre, 5 litre or bigger size pressure cookers but can be used with any other pressure cooker – any make, any size – into which it fits properly.

Futura Handis

Hard Anodised

The Futura Hard Anodised Handi (Saucepan) is a modern version of the traditional Indian cooking utensil used for flavourful, less-water cooking. Its lid holds water on the top and, on its underneath surface, condenses steam that rises from the food simering in the Handi. The reverse taper of the sloping sides of the Handi permits water droplets to fall directly on to the food inside the Handi - thus making delicious, tender and moist food. The Handi (Saucepan) comes in two versions: with one long and one short handle; and with two short handles.